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Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks
A reach truck is required by businesses to help them get tasks done efficiently and fast. These factors which would allow the company to generate the most money at the end of the day. The Crown family of reach trucks provides you with more for your investment in various ways. For instance, these machines deliver smart traction together with responsive controls. The ergonomics are state-of-the-art and offer the operator with a major edge.

The machinery are capable of achieving breakthrough capacities, heights, visibility and energy savings. Crown provides strong and reliable machinery that can withstand harsh environments. They provide increasing pallet moves and accurate load handling with phenomenal lift and travel speeds. The reliability is well documented and leads to driving overall costs down while offering industry-leading uptime and maintenance simplicity.

The Crown reach truck series is made up of the RR 5700 Series, the SR 5000 Series as well as the RM 6000 Series. Particularly, the Crown RR 5700 delivers the best performance in the reach truck industry for travel and lower/lift functions.

The RD 5700 is a really sturdy and helpful workhorse. This particular model provides the best utilization of space within the business, without taking away from operator comfort. The most innovative performance and design as well as innovative technology all come together in this series. Also, Crown offers their exclusive Access 123 Comprehensive System Control to provide excellent service team accessibility and operator control.

Taking It to the Next Level
The RR 5700S Series reach truck has redefined and revolutionized every standard of operator output, reach truck performance and total serviceability. This particular reach truck model features many innovative concepts for improving operator productivity based on operator positioning and comfort. Some positioning alternatives comprise lean or sit or stand choices. This industry leading variety helps the operator avoid exhaustion by being able to change positions on a regular basis and really lessens operator fatigue.

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