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Hamilton Forklift Parts - Hamilton, Ohio is located in Butler County in the southwestern portion of the state. The city boasts a population of over 62,000 inhabitants and is considered part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. The Hamilton City School District is considered the best urban school district within the state of Ohio. The district superintendent, Janet Baker, has been voted the year's superintendent of the state.

Hamilton was historically an industrial township and still has a lot of high-tech manufacturing facilities. These days the city is being revitalized through its support of the arts. It has been declared the 'City of Sculpture,' due to the various sculptures in Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and within the downtown region.

In the year 1794, the region presently called Hamilton was known as Fairfield. Fort Hamilton, an army post, was constructed there. The settlement was incorporated as Hamilton during 1810, but lost its status five years afterward as it failed to hold elections. In 1827 the community was reincorporated and during 1857 it became a city. Immigrants from Germany were attracted to the city and influenced its culture, especially its food and architecture. Paper production and iron works were two main industries that boomed within Hamilton from the early to mid-20th century.

A lot of the city was destroyed in 1913 in the Great Dayton Flood. In the 1920's Hamilton was called "Little Chicago" because of the numerous gangsters from Chicago who purchased houses within Hamilton. During World War II, Hamilton factories manufactured supplies for the war. Then again, military employees were forbidden to enter the city on account of the many prostitution and gambling establishments which had taken root there.

Hamilton presently features numerous beautiful parks where the residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities. The most famous parks comprise: Joyce Park, Miami Woods, Milkin Woods, Crawford Woods and Sanders Park. Individuals can usually be seen bicycling and strolling on the scenic paved paths along the banks of the Great Miami River. There are lots of quality golf courses within the area. The local ice rink is busy in winter months with hockey and skating.

The residents of Hamilton often go to nearby Cincinnati for sporting and cultural events. The Kings Island amusement and recreational center and the Beach Waterpark are also popular recreation areas located in the city of Hamilton. Moreover, there is a forest park located in Campbell Gard on the Great Miami River.

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