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Dayton Forklift Parts - Dayton (population 166,000) is a city in the state of Ohio, United States, and the county seat of Montgomery County. Dayton City sits in the Miami Valley region of Ohio, north of Cincinnati. With a Metropolitan Statistical Area population of 841,502 (2010 census), the city of Dayton is the 4th biggest metropolitan area within Ohio. The Dayton-Springfield-Greenville Combined Statistical Area is the 43rd biggest combined statistical area in the US with a population of 1,072,891 (2010 census).

Among Dayton's claims to fame is its place in history as the birthplace of aviation. The inventors of powered flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright, called Dayton home. The city of Dayton is notable for its research, aerospace and industrial businesses which have produced lots of technical innovations. The city of Dayton is occasionally referred to as the "Gem City," a moniker derived from a newspaper article which dated 1845 which noted the Dayton City's wealth, refinement and enterprise. Dayton's nearby metropolitan area includes Centerville, Beavercreek, Kettering, Vandalia and Trotwwod. The city of Dayton is still a "gem", with its numerous shops, restaurants, spacious parks, sports facilities, sites of historical value, a thriving downtown district and lively arts community.

Dayton's thriving cultural scene consists of dance, theater, visual arts and music. Dayton City has built a reputation as a place for culture and entertainment because of groups like for example the Dayton Art Institute and the Dayton Ballet. Dayton City boasts several arts centers like the Brookville Community Theater, the Benjamin and Marina Schuster Performing Arts Center, the Dayton Art Institute and the Dayton Cultural Center. CITYFOLK is a local organization which produces traditional and ethnic dance and music events. Culture Works is a development group that provides support through community funding to the arts in the city of Dayton.

The largest employer in Dayton City is the development and research department of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, that hires many Daytonians. Dayton has been able attract amongst the nation's highest concentrations of aerospace/high-technology businesses due to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. many scientists, engineers, specialists and technicians find work at these companies. The U.S. Defense Department Joint Logistics Systems Center employs lots of private sector employees to be able to manage the installation of computer systems. Ohio State is working in order to make the city of Dayton a leading center for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) research and manufacturing.

The financial system of Dayton City has started to diversify lately to currently consist of education, healthcare, legal and insurance. The Greater Dayton area hospitals contribute considerably to the local economy and are a major employer in the region. The region's Miami Valley Research Park, the site of corporate and government research firms, is one more significant source of work.

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